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Lamu, Kenya

My very first aerial geode painting was of one of my favorite places on Earth. If you know me, you've heard me mention this place at least once, if not a million times. Here's a snapshot of why I think everyone should add this to your bucket list!

Lamu is an archipelago located on the Indian Ocean on the coast of Kenya. It's about 100 miles from the border of Somalia, but fear not, it's super safe! There may be travel warnings for that area, but it is mostly due to issues hundreds of miles inland.

Due to these travel warnings, tourism has gone down quite a bit, along with costs. The last time I travelled there in 2016, roundtrip flight via Jambo Jet was $130 and 3 nights in a 5 story luxury house was $115 per person. This included a personal chef and 3 meals a day!

Habibti House
Habibti House

Fish and chips birthday dinner prepared by our chef!



The town is so small, and the tourists are so few, that they make you feel personally known and welcomed. My friends and I were out for a walk one time and the oyster guy on the island stopped us and confirmed that we were the Habibti guests. He asked us how many oysters we wanted for dinner and notified our chef!

For $20 a person you can also catch a dhow ride to the other side of the channel, where it feels like a private beach! While you swim, Ali is cooking up some fish tacos which you get to enjoy on the beach under the moonlight!


Lamu is a mix of Kenyan and Arab cultures, creating what's known as Swahili style. Most houses and buildings are built in this white wash style or coral walls with ornate doors and gates!


Even though the people are AMAZING, I sadly didn't get any pictures of them!

We had a great time playing nerf wars with our house host, got the best boat rides from Nasir, and were shown around town by Lamu's best tour guide, Ali!


When in Shela, a practically secluded beach is just a 15 minute walk from most houses! Or you always have the option of hiring a boat to take you across the channel to an even more secluded beach!

If you ever find yourself in East Africa, make it a point to plan a trip to Lamu! You definitely won't regret it!

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